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December Nightskies is a dark space ambient drone band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA. Kendall Keeler started creating music in 2008 under the name Black Winds then later changed his band name to December Nightskies.

December Nightskies -Solo Albums

Leaving Earth To Live In Space
Slow Decay
I Am Always Watching You While You Sleep
Remember Me When I Fade Away
Stranded In The Mountains
Cold Water (Depth Of The Ocean Remix)
Remix 1
Cold Water
Our Song
December Nightskies (Self Titled)
Let The Rain Wash Us Away
Covered In Snow & Desolation
Of Creative Devastation
Remix 2
Frozen Dreams In The Gravelands
The December Nightskies Collection (Compilation)
Moonstar’s Wedding
Of Creative Devastation
Burning Dead Trees
Venom In Veins
I Have Aspergers And Bipolar
I Hope You Find Yourself (Compilation)
I Love My Family
Spiritual Dark Ambient Drones
Love Frozen In Time
Entering The Realm Of A Depressive State Of Mind
Let My Music Remind You Of Me When I Am Dead
Jesus Creates A Cheetah
Mood Swings
The Defeat Of Lucifer By The Cross Of Salvation
Jesus Creates A Leopard
Lotus Flower
The Dark Empty Glowing In Our Hearts
Echoes In Space (Extended Version)
Remix 3 – When The Lord Comes Again The Earth Will Be Destroyed By Fire
Ice (Compilation)
Rotting Wood (882010 Remix)
Trees In The Night Distance
The War In Heaven
January Melancholy
Hearing Voices In Your Head
Noise Cloud (Compilation)
Eternity In Heaven Or Eternity In Hell
As I Watch The Embers Of My Life Burn Away Into The Cold Sky (Compilation)

December Nightskies – Collaboration Albums

building castles out of matchsticks with December Nightskies – I Miss You Like The Ground Misses The Rain During A Very Long Drought (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Miasme – Shattered Reflection (Collaboration)
December Nightskies/Winterbound – Earth’s Decay (Split)
December Nightskies With Winterbound – Withered Flowers Paint The Landscape (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Winterbound – Stay Hidden From Yourself (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Winterbound – Angel Among The Stars (Collaboration)
December Nightskies/Winterbound – Solitude (Split)
December Nightskies With Winterbound – You Will Search But Not Find The Answers You Expected (Collaboration)
December Nightskies/iAMesper – The Slumber Of The Grayscale Moths/Remember Me When I Fade Away (Split)
December Nightskies/iAMesper – Sunrise Over the Atlantic/Covered In Snow (Split)
December Nightskies/iAMesper – Strange And Distant: Hold On To Life/Experimental Sleeping (Split)
December Nightskies With Stan Gurule – Consumed By Midnight (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Stan Gurule – Ascending From Midnight (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Entartete Musik – Acid Rain (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Falsewander – False Nightskies (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Pixyblink – Ocean Burial (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Pixyblink – Memories Of A Dreamer’s Past Space Remix (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Every Single Stroke Is A Spiritual Line (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Speaking With Angels (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With CNTV – Songs From An Antartic December Nightsky (Collaboration)
December Nightskies/Ritual – The Plains of Annihilation (Split)
December Nightskies/Ritual – Crush Me/The Beauty Of Snow Covered Trees (Split)
December Nightskies/Ritual – Oubliette/Distorted Electronic Sounds (Split)
December Nightskies With Ritual – Darkness (Collaboration)
December Nightskies, VAULT, Venus Vulture – Darkness (Venus Vulture Remix Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Globoscuro – Inverno (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With nobodisoundz – Seven Vibrating Walks (Compilation) (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With nobodisoundz – mornes jours d’hiver (Collaboration)
December Nightskies/nobodisoundz – Nord-Tempête (Split)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – Dronescapes (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – Lava (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – The Coma Experiment (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – The First Day Of Rain (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – The Haunted Lusic Nightmare Of A Stargazer (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – Nebula (Compilation of 7 EPs) (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – The Judgement Of Satan (Extended Remix) (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – Vatnajökull (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – Night (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – The Atmosphere And Gravity Of The Moon (Collaboration)
December NIghtskies With Scott Lawlor – Plasmadrone (Collaboration)
December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor – EF5 Tornado (Collaboration)
Leviathan (Various Artists Compilation)
Behemoth (Various Artists Compilation)
December Nightskies With Øystein Jørgensen – Tsunami (Collaboration)
December Nightskies, Head Joint, Venus Vulture – Hiding From The Sun (Collaboration)


Shadows On The Snow Is A Collaboration Band From December Nightskies (Kendall Keeler) And Venus Vulture (Sean Monaghan)

Shadows On The Snow – Discography:

Shadows On The Snow (Self Titled)
As The Snow Gently Falls
Restless Womb
Dreaming Of Cold Atmospheres
The Formation Of Galaxies
A Thousand Winters Against The World
Memories Trapped In The Winter Fog
Entering The Realm Of A Depressive State Of Mind Remix
Of The Moon
Behind The Door
Mu (Icicle Remix)
The Melting Away Of The Great Upheaval
A Mindrace, A Sound, A Sliver Of Light
The Distance Between Echoes
Blood Moon
Calm Blizzard, 333
Another Long Song
When Leaves Fall From Trees
Sunlight Focus Lotus
Venus Nightskies (Compilation)
Glowing Dark Purple
Autumn Into Winter
Love Frozen In Time Remix
Venom In Veins Remix
Electronic Sounds From New Zealand And The United States Of America (Compilation)
Of A Beautiful Winter Landscape
Losing Touch With Reality
Heavy Skies/The Dark Empty Glowing In Our Hearts
Glancing Back I See Waves/Painting With Fire
Phantom Shadows (December Nightskies Remix)
Chilled Cemetery Of Dreams
What If Cats Could Talk
The Deep Sleep
Electroconsulsive Therapy
Writing Your Name For The First Time
Blood Moon (Full Length Version)
Everything Changes Under Water
The Changing Of The Seasons
Oklahoma Sunset
When Water Freezes
Treelopper (Single)
Trees Reflected In The Water
Permafrost (Compilation)
Through Time Zones

something like squids logo

Something Like Squids Is A Collaboration Band From December Nightskies (Kendall Keeler) And Charlie Naked

Something Like Squids – Discography:

The Rise And Fall Of Empires
Underwater Drones
Crowns For Crones
Death Is The Start Of Eternity, Souls In Hades
Bursting Through Chambers Of Dark Heavy Clouds
The Embalming Process Explained
Distorting Time
Imaginary Fireflies


Black Winds Is Kendall Keeler’s First Band (Before He Changed His Band Name To December Nightskies)

Black Winds – Discography:

Dark Serenity
Lost Infinite Time Within The Void
Of A Dark And Mysterious Sky
December Dreams
Black Winds (Self Titled)
Obscure Darkness
Black Winds Of Death
Eternal Winter
Don’t Take Things That Are Beautiful For Granted
Music For Gregorian Chants
Lost In Your Warm Embrace
Music For Dreams
Veni Sancte Spiritus
Negative Memories
Lost In A Field Of Dreams (Pixyblink Collaboration)
Black Winds/Broadcasting Silence – Shadows (Split)
Black Winds/Grist – The Sanctuary Of Stillness (Split)
The Silent Winter (Broadcasting Silence Collaboration)
Love is Emotional Poison/Black Suns (Turmoil Split)
Of a Dark and Mysterious Sky/Astral Nightmare (Turmoil Split)
My Frozen Graveland/Songs From The Sewer (Turmoil Split)